13 February, 2016

Playlist - 13 February 2016

This week, on World Radio Day, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, including some classic music from Spectrum and Ariel (marking Mike Rudd's visit to Adelaide this coming Wednesday for the Festival Fringe with his one-man show RetroSpectrum) plus new music from Mebourne heavy band Teramaze. And the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book has birthdays this weekend for Australian musician Bob Daisley (bass player with Kahvas Jute and many bands overseas including Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and Uriah Heep), as well as for former Genesis members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.

Rush    The Spirit of Radio (1980) (Permanent Waves)
Rush    Farewell to kings (live, 1978) (Different Stages - Live)
Rush    Xanadu (1977) (A Farewell To Kings)
Porcupine Tree    Time flies (2009) (The Incident)
Porcupine Tree    Even less (live) (2012) (Octane Untwisted)
Teramaze    Her halo (2015) (Her Halo)
Andy Salvanos    Afternoon bass (2007) (Closer)
Ariel    Jellabad Mutant Pt.1 + Pt.2 + Pt.5 (1975) (Rock & Roll Scars, bonus Jellabad Mutant tracks on reissue)
Spectrum    I’ll be gone (original acetate demo) (1970) (bonus track on reissue CD of Part One)
Peter Gabriel    Solsbury Hill (1977) (Peter Gabriel)

Genesis    Watcher of the skies  (1972) (Foxtrot)
Peter Gabriel    Come talk to me (live, 1993) (1994) (Secret World Live)
Kahvas Jute    Odyssey (1970)  (Wide Open)
Kahvas Jute    Ascend + Ascension (live, 2005) (1970)  (Wide Open, bonus track)
Steve Hackett    Entangled (2012) (Genesis Revisited II)
Steve Hackett    Hoping love will last + Land of a thousand Autumns + Please don’t touch (1978) (Please Don’t Touch)
Steve Hackett    A tower struck down (live) (2008/2010) (Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth, bonus track)
Ariel    Island Fantasia (live) (1977) (More From Before / Ariel Live In Concert)
Ticket    Dream chant (1972) (Awake)


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