27 February, 2016

Playlist - 27 February 2016

This week, for the last program for Summer, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent music from A Lonely Crowd (Melbourne), Alithia (Melbourne, who managed to visit Adelaide last week without us hearing about it), Ben Craven (Brisbane, on the eve of the release of his next album), Circadian Pulse (Melbourne) and Sebastian Hardie. There's also music from the Polish band Riverside, as a tribute to their talented guitarist Piotr Grudzinski who passed away earlier this week. And there's only 14 sleeps to go before the French band Magma is due to bring their Zeuhl sounds here to Adelaide...

Pink Floyd    Echoes (1971) (Meddle)
Amplifier    Sick rose (2011) (The Octopus)
A Lonely Crowd    Bows & arrows (2011) (Transients)
Ben Craven    Diabolique + Nobody dies forever Pt.1 + Aquamarine (2011) (Great And Terrible Potions)
Alithia    Thirteen (2014) (To The Edge Of Time)
Magma    Hortz Fur Dëhn Stekëhn Ẁest + Ïma Sürï Dondaï + Kobaïa Is De Hündïn (1973) (Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh)
Beardfish    Sunrise (2007) (Sleeping In Traffic Part One )
Riverside    Conceiving you (2005) (Second Life Syndrome)
Riverside    New generation slave + The depths of self-delusion (2013) (SONGS / Shrine Of New Generation Slaves)
Flying Colors    Bombs away (2014) (Second Nature)
Sebastian Hardie    I remember (2012) (Blueprint)
Circadian Pulse    Hourglass (2012) (In The Blink Of An Eye)
Caravan    In the land of grey and pink + Nine feet underground (live, 1971) (2007) (The Show Of Our Lives – Live At The BBC 1968-1973)
Marillion    Seasons end (1989) (Seasons End)
Ticket    Dream chant (1972) (Awake)

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