16 January, 2016

Playlist - 16 January 2016

For tonight's Summer edition of "Seasons Of Change", to paraphrase the title of a very early Pink Floyd song, we...

 ...encountering the usual diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, or at least as much as can fit into 3 hours. Amidst some classics and oddities, this includes classic Australian music from Blackfeather, Company Caine, Flake, Healing Force, Kahvas Jute, Lotus, Spectrum, Tully and Tymepiece..

 Lotus    Lotus 1 (I’ll be gone) (Jan 1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Spectrum    I’ll be gone (Jan 1971) (single)
Kahvas Jute    Vikings (Jan 1971)  (Wide Open)
Steeleye Span    The blacksmith (Feb 1971) (Please To See The King)
Yes    I’ve seen all good people (Feb 1971) (The Yes Album)
Tymepiece    Shake off (Feb 1971) (Sweet Release)
Spectrum    Drifting (Mar 1971) (Part One)
Blackfeather    At the mountains of madness (Apr 1971) (At The Mountains Of Madness)
Procol Harum    Song for a dreamer (Apr 1971) (Broken Barricades)
Tully    I feel the sun + Sea of joy part 2 (Jun 1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Emerson Lake and Palmer    Bitches crystal (Jun 1971) (Tarkus)
Healing Force    The gully (July 1971) (single only, B-side to “Golden miles” / Psych Bites: Australian Freakrock 1967-1974 Vol.1)
Healing Force    Golden Miles (July 1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Gentle Giant    Wreck (Jul 1971) (Acquiring The Taste)
Mahavishnu Orchestra    Vital transformation (Aug 1971) (The Inner Mounting Flame)
Ramases    Life child (Aug 1971) (Space Hymns)
Curved Air    Back street luv (Sept 1971) (Second Album)
Focus    Focus II (Oct 1971) (Moving Waves)
Pink Floyd    One of these days (Oct 1971) (Meddle)
Hawkwind    Master of the universe (Oct 1971) (In Search Of Space)
Egg    Contrasong (Jan 1971) (The Polite Force)
Genesis    Fountain of Salmacis (Nov 1971) (Nursery Cryme)
Flake    Under the silent tree (Nov 1971) (single only, bonus track on re-issue of How’s Your Mother)
Van der graaf Generator    Man Erg (Oct 1971) (Pawn Hearts)
Company Caine    Trixie Stonewall’s Wayward Home For Young Women (Nov 1971) (A Product Of A Broken Reality)
David Bowie    Life on Mars (Dec 1971) (Hunky Dory)

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