30 January, 2016

Playlist - 30 January 2016

Tonight, Seasons Of Change continues last weeks selection of Aussie prog and prog-related music - the mix is eclectic to say the least, ranging from instrumental jazz-rock fusion (Indaba) to cookie monster meets Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (Virgin Black) and solo Chapman Stick (Andy Salvanos) as well as established artists more often heard on Seasons Of Change (Sebastian Hardie., Unitopia, etc).

Unitopia    Not human anymore + Tesla (2010) (Artificial)
Quiet Child    Cannonfire march + In out (2013) (The Coming Storm)
Three Wise Monkeys    Spider fingers (2013) (Perihelion)
Anubis    Disinfected and abused (2009) (230503)
Virgin Black    The winter’s ash (2008) (Requiem - Fortissimo)
Like Leaves    Fruit (2011) (Like Leaves)
Andy Salvanos    The premonition (2011)  (Dream Recall)
Indaba    All rivers long for the sea (2000) (Something Serious)
Sympathy Orchestra    Wire (2014) (Sword Machine)
Spectrum    Fiddling fool (1971) (Part One)
Flake    Under the silent tree (1971) (How’s Your Mother)
Kahvas Jute    Parade of fools (1970)  (Wide Open)
Blackfeather    The Rat (Suite): Main Title / The Trap / Spanish Blues / Blazwaorden (Land Of Dreams) / Finale (The Rat) (1971) (At The Mountains Of Madness)
Rainbow Theatre    Fantasy of horses (1976) (Fantasy Of Horses)
Healing Force    Golden Miles (1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)

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