01 January, 2016

Playlist - 2 January 2016

For the first edition of "Seasons Of Change" for 2016, to paraphrase the title of a very early Pink Floyd song, we...

 ...encountering the usual diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, or at least as much as can fit into 3 hours. Amidst some classics and oddities, this includes classic Australian music from Bakery, Indelible Murtceps, The Master's Apprentices, McPhee, Spectrum, Tamam Shud and Tully; and, from across the Tasman, the heavy psych band Ticket.

The Easybeats    Friday on my mind (1966) (single only)
Hawkwind    Motorhead (1975) (Warrior On The Edge Of Time, reissue)
Motorhead    Ace of spades (1980) (Ace Of Spades)
Spectrum    Trust me (single version) (Jan 1972) (Milesago)
The Master’s Apprentices    Melodies of St. Kilda/Southern Cross + Thyme to rhyme (Jan 1972) (A Toast To Panama Red)
Jethro Tull    Thick as a brick (radio edit) (Mar 1972) (Thick As A Brick)
Curved Air    Phantasmagoria (Apr 1972) (Phantasmagoria)
Procol Harum    Conquistador (live) (Apr 1972) (Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)
Caravan    Aristocracy (May 1972) (Waterloo Lily)
Uriah Heep    The wizard (May 1972) (Demons and Wizards)
Tamam Shud    Bali waters (May 1972) (Morning Of The Earth s/track)
McPhee    Indian rope man (1972) (McPhee)
Indelible Murtceps    Esmerelda (single only, May 1972) (Warts Up Your Nose)
Hawkwind    Silver machine (Jun 1972) (single only)
Pink Floyd    Wots...Uh, the deal (Jun 1972)  (Obscured By Clouds)
Wishbone Ash    Blowin’ free (single, July 1972) (Argus)
Captain Beyond    Dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air) (Jul 1972) (Captain Beyond)
Emerson Lake and Palmer    From the beginning  (single, Aug 1972) (Trilogy)
Banco    Danza deigrandi rettili (1972) (Darwin)
Tully    Ice (1972) (Loving Is Hard)
Bakery    Living with a memory (Aug 1972) (Momento)
Yes    Siberian khatru (Sept 1972) (Close To The Edge)
Genesis    Can utility and the coastliners (Oct 1972) (Foxtrot)
Focus    Sylvia (Nov 1972) (Focus III)
Kevin Ayers    Stranger in blue suede shoes (Nov 1972) (Whatevershebringswesing)
The Moody Blues    Isn’t life strange (Nov 1972) (Seventh Sojourn)
Ticket    Dream chant (May 1972) (Awake)

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