03 October, 2015

Playlist - 3 October 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent music from Ben Craven (Brisbane), Kettlespider (Melbourne), Resonaxis (Sydney) and United Progressive Fraternity, plus some classic heavy sounds from Kahvas Jute (Sydney) and heavy psych band Ticket (New Zealand). And it’s happy 65th birthday this weekend to Mike Rutherford (Genesis).

Ben Craven    Nobody dies forever (single edit) (2011) (Great And Terrible Potions)
Kettlespider    Revelations (2012) (Avadante)
Kaipa    End of the rope (2003) (Keyholder)
Bushman’s Revenge    Iron bloke (2012) (A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza)
FM    Brave new worlds (2015) (Transformation)
Atria    Words and tears (1996) (Hide)
Whimwise    Scurry flurries (2005) (Nick May’s Whimwise)
Mystery    Beneath the veil of Winter’s face (2007) (Beneath the Veil Of Winter’s Face)
Genesis    Get ‘em out by Friday (1972) (Foxtrot)
Genesis    Land of confusion (1986) (Invisible Touch)
Mike & The Mechanics    The living years (1988) (Living Years)
Camel    Chord change (1976) (Moonmadness)
Camel    Lunar sea (live) (1976) (Moonmadness, Bonus track on reissue)
Hawkwind    Steppenwolf (1976) (Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music)
United Progressive Fraternity    Intersection + The water (2014) (Fall In Love With The World)
Ticket    Angel in my mind (1972) (Awake)
Ticket    Over the ocean (1972) (The GTK Tapes Vol.1)
Kahvas Jute    Odyssey (1970)  (Wide Open)
Resonaxis    Mysterium + Akesha (2012) (Hymnarium)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)

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