24 October, 2015

Playlist - 24 October 2015

This week, perhaps after spending a warm Spring day at the Cheesefest in the Adelaide Parklands, you can put your feet up and relax with another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, including classic music from Cybotron and Tamam Shud and the 2011 release by the re-united Sebastian Hardie. And it's happy birthday this weekend to singer Jon Anderson (Yes) and the multi-talented Gil Matthews (drummer with Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, as well as house engineer/producer for Havoc Records; and in recent years the guru behind the remastering and re-release of much classic Australian music from the early 1970's including Company Caine, Kahvas Jute, Rainbow Theatre, Spectrum and Tamam Shud).

Hawkwind    Assault and battery / The golden void (1975) (Warrior On The Edge Of Time)
Ozric Tentacles    Waterfall city (1999) (Waterfall Cities)
Porcupine Tree    Deadwing (2005) (Deadwing)
Anathema    Anathema + The lost song (Part 3) (2014) (Distant Satellites)
IO Earth    Redemption (2015) (New World)
Sebastian Hardie    Life love and music (1976) (Windchase)
Spectrum    The Sideways Saga (1971) (Milesago)
King Crimson    Moonchild (1969) (In The Court Of The Crimson King)
Symphony X    Prelude + Evolution + Fallen + Transcendence + Communion and the oracle (2000) (V: The New Mythology Suite)
Toehider    I must say yes (2009) (Toehider Too / The First Six)
Jon Anderson    New new world (2011) (Survival And Other Stories)
Vangelis    So long ago so clear (1975) (Heaven And Hell)
Yes    South side of the sky (1972) (Fragile)
Tamam Shud    Goolutionites Theme Part 1 + Goolutionites Theme Part 2 (1970) (Goolutionites And The Real People)
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs    Most people I know (1972) (single only, The Complete Havoc Singles)
Gil Matthews    Gil’s thing (1971) (single only, The Complete Havoc Singles)
Cybotron    Eureka (Guitar version) (1980)  (Implosion, bonus track from Abbey Moor sessions)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)

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