17 October, 2015

Playlist - 17 October 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, featuring electronic music circa the late 1970's from Cybotron (Melbourne) and more recent releases from Sebastian Hardie and Caligula's Horse (Brisbane...your ears may still be ringing now from their concert here in Adelaide last weekend with TesseracT and Dyssidia).

Procol Harum    Shine on brightly (1968) (Shine On Brightly)
Spock’s Beard    The doorway (1996) (Beware Of Darkness)
Spock’s Beard    Get out while you can (2015) (The Oblivion Particle)
Opeth    To rid the disease (2003) (Damnation)
Riverside    Found (the unexpected flaw of searching) (2015) (Love, Fear and the Time Machine)
The Neal Morse Band    Agenda (2015) (The Grand Experiment)
Wobbler    Imperial winter white (2009) (Afterglow)
Camel    First light (1977) (Rain Dances)
Camel    Metrognome + Unevensong (live) (1977) (Rain Dances, bonus tracks)
Camel    Rain dances (1977) (Rain Dances)
Kevin Ayers    Stranger in blue suede shoes (1972) (Whatevershebringswesing)
Kevin Ayers    Lady Rachel (1969) (Joy Of A Toy)
Kevin Ayers    The owl (1977) (single only)
Gong    Master builder (1974) (You)
Hawkwind    D-Rider (live) (1974) (Parallel Universe A Liberty/U.A. Years Anthology 1970-1974 )
Mario Millo    Rebecca (1979) (single, The Australian Guitar Album)
Caligula’s Horse    The city has no empathy + Silence + Singularity + Parameters of consciousness (1976) (Moments From Ephemeral City)
Cybotron    Sonic Override: Gliding / The riddle / Answer (1976) (Cybotron)
Cybotron    Suite 16/9th floor (1980) (Implosion)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)

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