26 April, 2013

Playlist - 27 April 2013

John Sangster    Incidents in the life of my Uncle Arly (1980) (Uttered Nonsense)
Tommy Emmanuel    Up from down under (1987) (Up From Down Under)
Airlord    Pictures in a puddle + Out of the woods (1977) (Clockwork Revenge)
Split Enz    Titus (1975) (Second Thoughts)
Sebastian Hardie    I wish (2012) (Blueprint)
Windchase    Glad to be alive (1978) (Symphinity)
Marillion    Market square heroes (1983) (single only / B’Sides Themselves)
Anathema    Untouchable Part 1 + Part 2 (2012) (Weather Systems)
Karnataka    The serpent and the sea (edit) (2010) (The Gathering Light)
Caravan    In the land of grey and pink (1971)  (In The Land Of Grey And Pink)
Caravan    It’s likely to have a name next week (“Winter Wine” instrumental) (1971)  (In The Land Of Grey And Pink, bonus track)
Quidam    Saiko-przedwiosnie (2012) (Saiko)
Yes    Astral traveller (1970) (Time And A Word)
Yes    No opportunity necessary, no experience needed (original mix, 1970) (Time And A Word)
Yes    For everyone (1969/1970) (The Millennium Collection)
Rush    Cygnus X-1 (live, 1978) (Different Stages - Live)
Rush    The wreckers (2012) (Clockwork Angels)
Headband (Chris Bailey)    A song for Tooley (1973) (A Song For Tooley)
The Angels (Chris Bailey)    Take a long line (1978) (Face To Face)
GangGajang (Chris Bailey)    Sounds of then (1995) (GangGajang)
Divinyls (Chrissie Amphlett)    Ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore (1992) (The Collection)

In case you'd like to see and hear more from the enigmatic NZ band Airlord - the 1977 film clip for  Pictures in a puddle.

And if you were wondering how the "Cruise to the Edge" finished up (which got a mention a few weeks ago on Seasons of Change), here is a report from the BBC: Veteran British rockers attract the cruise ship crowds.

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