06 April, 2013

Playlist - 6 April 2013

Give that just last night Roger Hodgson weaved a magical tapestry of music at the Thebarton Theatre, it's no surprise that tonight's Seasons Of Change will start with some of the music you would have heard if you were there!

Roger Hodgson    Take the long way home + School + Give a little bit + It’s raining again (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Big Big Train    Curator of butterflies (2013) (English Electric Part Two)
Jade Warrior    Rainflower + Easty (1974) (Floating World)
Headband    Stay with me baby (1973) (single / A Song For Tooley / Psych Bites: Australian Freakrock 1967-1974 Vol.1)
Billy Thorpe    Children of the sun + We’re leaving + We welcome you + Solar anthem + The beginning (1979) (Children Of The Sun)
It’s A Beautiful Day    White bird (1969)  (It’s A Beautiful Day)
Blodwyn Pig    See my way (1969) (Ahead Rings Out)
Jethro Tull    My Sunday feeling (1968) (This Was)
Ozric Tentacles    Welmwend (1986) (Erpsongs)
Kraftwerk    Robots (1978) (Man Machine)
Unitopia    The garden (live, 2011) (One Night In Europe)
Roger Hodgson    The logical song (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Supertramp    Sister moonshine (1975) (Crisis? What Crisis?)
Roger Hodgson    Dreamer (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Domino    Pirate man (2013)  (Where The Desert Meets The Sea)
Andy Salvanos    Air (2011) (Dream Recall)

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