19 August, 2017

Playlist - 19 August 2017

Tonight featuring a lengthy selection from the very newly re-issued (and highly recommended) first album by legendary Australian band Tamam Shud, and some heavy sounds from the UK band Haken (due to tour Australia late September). Plus, via the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book, music featuring drummer Ginger Baker (Cream) and the captain of spaceship Hawkwind (Dave Brock).

Tamam Shud    Music train / Evolution + I’m no one + Mr Strange + Lady Sunshine (1969) (Evolution)
Haken    The Architect (2016) (Affinity)
Haken    The cockroach king (2013) (The Mountain)
Cream    NSU (live, 1968) (1970) (Live Cream)
Hawkwind    Silver machine (1972) (single only / In Search Of Space, re-issue)
Hawkwind    The psychedelic warlords (disappear in smoke) + D-Rider (live, 1974) (2006) (Live ‘74)
Hawkwind    Synchronised blue (2016) (The Machine Stops)
Teramaze    Delusions of grandeur (2015) (Her Halo)
Kettlespider    The kettle spider (2010) (demo only)
Panic Room    Sandstorms (2010) (Satellite: Little Satellite)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

NEW! Check out the rather nice program page for Seasons Of Change on the radiopages.info site - that's at http://5pba.radiopages.info/seasons-of-change. Includes more links including Youtube versions of each song (where they exist).

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