15 July, 2017

Playlist - 15 July 2017

Tonight, one day after the national day of France, another expedition into the musical world of progressive rock and a bit of anything else that fits: tonight with recent releases from Andy Salvanos (Adelaide), Aragon (Melbourne) and Transience (Melbourne) plus classic music from Tamam Shud (Sydney). And the Birthday Book has entries for guitarist Peter Banks (Yes) and Trevor Horn (Yes, The Buggles and a phalanx of later synth pop during the 1980's including Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Art Of Noise).

Moon Safari     Lover's End Pt III Skelleftea Serenade (live) (2014) (Live In Mexico)
Aragon    The chant (1992) (The Meeting)
Aragon    In a lifetime (2014) (single only)
Transience    People’s temple (2015) (Temple)
Andy Salvanos    Happy song (2011) (Dream Recall)
Kate Bush    Wuthering Heights (1978) (The Kick Inside)
Rush    Bastille day (1975) (Caress Of Steel)
Yes    Astral traveller (1970) (Time And A Word)
Yes    For everyone (1969/1970) (The Millennium Collection)
Yes    Into the lens (1980) (Drama)
The Buggles    The plastic age (1980) (The Age Of Plastic)
Tamam Shud    Sea the swells (live, 2007) (Noosa Rain)
Tamam Shud    GTK Theme/America (around 1970) (The GTK Tapes Vol.1)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

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