08 August, 2015

Playlist - 8 August 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring classic '70's Aussie prog rock from Ariel, Kahvas Jute, Sebastian Hardie and Tamam Shud. And it's happy birthday this weekend to singer Deborah Conway (Do Re Mi), guitarist Tim Gaze (Kahvas Jute, Tamam Shud, Ariel, etc) and John Gustafson (bass player and/or lead singer with various bands including Quatermass, the Ian Gillan Band and Roxy Music). And as tomorrow is the 101st anniversary of the birth of Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson, some of her Moomins will be around the place - via the music of Swedish band Ritual.

Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)
Sebastian Hardie    Rosanna (1976) (The Four Moments / Four Moments Of The Windchase)
Sebastian Hardie    Another string (2012) (Blueprint)
Roxy Music    Love is the drug (1975) (Siren)
Ian Gillan    Clear air turbulence (1977) (Clear Air Turbulence)
Bullet    The Orchestrator (1970/2010) (The Entrance To Hell)
Quatermass    Black sheep of the family (1970) (Quatermass)
Ozric Tentacles    Kick 98 (2000) (Swirly Termination)
Kahvas Jute    Twenty three (1970)  (Wide Open)
Tamam Shud    Heaven is closed (1970) (Goolutionites And The Real People)
Tamam Shud    Shakin’ out the stones (live, 2007) (Noosa Rain)
Ariel    Worm turning blues (1973) (A Strange Fantastic Dream)
Do Re Mi    Man overboard (1985) (Domestic Harmony)
Deborah Conway    Consider This (1993) (Bitch Epic)
Deborah Conway    White roses (live, 1994) (Epic Theatre)
Rush    The big money (1985) (Power Windows)
Rush    Ghost of a chance (1991) (Roll The Bones)
Rush    Time stand still (live)  (1989) (A Show Of Hands)
Ritual    A dangerous journey (2007) (The Hemulic Voluntary Band)
Kansas    Point of know return + Paradox + Icarus – Borne on wings of steel (live, 1978) (1978/2008) (Two For The Show, 30th Anniversary Reissue)
Kansas    Dust in the wind (1977) (Point Of Know Return)
Company Caine    The last scene (1971) (A Product of a Broken Reality)

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