25 April, 2015

Playlist - 25 April 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits, this week with an Anzac Day special of music from Australia and New Zealand, mostly from the classic period of the early to mid '70's, including Spectrum, Tamam Shud and Tully from Australia - and Dragon, Split Enz and Ticket from New Zealand.

Spectrum    I'll be gone (1971) (Part One)
Spectrum    Mumbles I wonder why (1971) (Part One)
Spectrum    Milesago (1972) (Milesago)
Tully    Loving is hard (1972) (Loving Is Hard)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Tamam Shud    Bali waters (live, 1971) (Goolutionites And The Real People, bonus track on CD reissue)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Bakery    Living with a memory (1971) (Momento)
Levi Smith's Clefs    Empty monkey (1970) (Empty Monkey)
Ticket    Awake (1972) (Awake)
Dragon    Universal Radio (1974) (Universal Radio)
Dragon    Going slow (1974) (Universal Radio)
Split Enz    Stranger than fiction (1975)
Split Enz    Home sweet home (1979) (Beginning Of The Enz)
Split Enz    Shark attack (live) (1999) (Other Enz: Split Enz And Beyond Volume 1)
Healing Force    Golden miles (1971/1994) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Healing Force    Erection (live) (1973/2002) (Highlights Of Sunbury 1973 and 1974)
Flake    Dream if you can (1970) (How's Your Mother!)
Rainbow Theatre    Dancer (1976) (Fantasy Of Horses)
Sebastian Hardie    Rosanna (1975) (Four Moments)
Gavin O'Loghlen & Cotter's Bequest    The Famine Suite (1997) (In The Home Of My Ancestors)
Ben Craven    Great and Terrible Potions (2011) (Great And Terrible Potions)
Cybotron    Eureka (Guitar version) (1980)  (Implosion, bonus track from CD reissue)

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