21 October, 2017

Playlist - 21 October 2017

Rush    Red barchetta (1981) (Moving Pictures)
Mario Millo & Men From Mars    Horsemen To Symphinity (live, 1999) (2000) (Symphinity, bonus track on Windchase album re-issue)
Windchase    Gypsy (1977)  (Symphinity)
Camel    Skylines (1977) (Raindances)
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band    Time is right (1975) (Nightingales And Bombers)
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band    Joybringer (1973) (single only)
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band    Visionary mountains (1975) (Nightingales And Bombers)
Francis Monkman    Energism: The Dawn Of An Era (1978) (Energism)
Aisles    CH-7 + Upside down (2016) (Hawaii)
Moon Safari    Bluebells (2008) (Blomjud)
Karmakanic    Turn it up (2011) (In A Perfect World)
Dead Letter Opener    Reflect + Refract + Jetstream (2009) (Lumen)
Andy Salvanos    One night (2007) (Fragments)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

This playlist is also on the AMRAP radiopages.info site: http://5pba.radiopages.info/seasons-of-change

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