11 February, 2017

Playlist - 11 February 2017

The James Taylor Move Still I can go on (1967)  (single only, Peculiar Hole In The Sky)
The James Taylor Move Magic eyes (1967)  (single only, Peculiar Hole In The Sky)
Jeff St John’s Copperwine Fanciful flights of mind (1970) (Joint Effort / Golden Miles, Australian Progressive Rock 1969:1974)
Levi Smith's Clefs Relief from a lighted doorway (1970) (Empty Monkey)
Spectrum Superbody (1970) (Part One)
Kahvas Jute Odyssey (1970)  (Wide Open)
Bakery The gift (1971) (Momento)
Flake Under the silent tree (1971) (How’s Your Mother / Psych Bites)
Tully Thank you + Sea Of Joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Steve Hackett Entangled (1976) (A Trick Of The Tail)
Steve Hackett Icarus ascending (1978) (Please Don’t Touch)
GTR When the heart rules the mind (live, 1986) (1997) (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
Steve Hackett Dance on a volcano (2013) (Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith)
Cybotron Black devil’s triangle (1980) (Implosion)
King Crimson Easy money (Mar 1973/2012) (Larks Tongues In Aspic / 40th Anniversary Edition)
Aragon In a lifetime (2014) (single only)

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