26 January, 2017

Playlist - 28 January 2017

This Saturday night, Seasons Of Change continues last weeks selection of recent Aussie prog and prog-related music from around Australia - Sydney (Anubis, Three Wise Monkeys), Brisbane (Ben Craven), Melbourne (A Lonely Crowd), Perth (Lacrymae) and of course Adelaide (Andy Salvanos, Like Leaves, Quiet Child, Southern Empire), and concludes at 10pm with the classic song from Fraternity (Adelaide) which gives this program it's title.

8pm  (and equivalent times elsewhere)
Anubis    The bond of mutual distrust (2009) (230503)
Anubis    A tower of silence (2011)  (A Tower Of Silence)
Three Wise Monkeys    Spider fingers (2013) (Perihelion)
Three Wise Monkeys    Waxer (2010) (The Red Album)
Andy Salvanos    Free range eggs (20007) (Closer)
Like Leaves    Fruit (2011) (Like Leaves)
A Lonely Crowd    Blur (2014) (Transients)
Quiet Child    Cannonfire march (2013) (The Coming Storm)
Ben Craven    Great & terrible potions (2011) (Great & Terrible Potions)
Ben Craven    Last Chance To Hear Part 1 + Critical mass Part 1 + Critical mass Part 2 (2016) (Last Chance To Hear)
Southern Empire    How long (2016) (Southern Empire)
Lacrymae    Handel’s Apocalypse (2009) (The Hallowed Design)
Sky    Sarabande (1981) (Sky 3)
Fraternity    Seasons of Change (1971) (Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 – 1974)

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