21 January, 2017

Playlist - 21 January 2017

Australia Day is coming up this Thursday - so it's likely there'll be great Australian music all over your radio for most of this week, from one end of the dial to the other, and that's as it should be.
But there's probably only one place you'll hear classic progressive rock from legendary and eclectic bands such as Company Caine, Cybotron, Healing Force, Sebastian Hardie and Tully, plus great music from more recent releases by Gavin O’Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest, Transience and Unitopia: that's Seasons Of Change - all-Australian, this Saturday night, from 8pm until 10pm.

Gavin O’Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest    An Burren (1997) (In The Home Of My Ancestors)
Gavin O’Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest    Silbury Hill (1998) (My Mother’s Country)
Gavin O’Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest    Kapunda 1856 The Cornish Miners (2006) (Land Of The Vast Horizon)
Gavin O’Loghlen    The open road (2007) (The Poet And The Priest)
Transience    Chimera (2013) (Transience EP)
Transience    Nails (2015) (Temple)
Sebastian Hardie    Rosanna (1976) (The Four Moments)
Sebastian Hardie    Art of life (2012) (Blueprint)
Unitopia    More than a dream(2005) (More Than A Dream)
Unitopia    Reflections + The power of three (instrumental) + Rule of 3’s (2010) (Artificial)
Healing Force    Golden Miles (1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Tully    Ice (1972) (Loving Is Hard)
Company Caine    Symptoms (1971) (A Product of a Broken Reality)
Cybotron    Arrakis (1976) (Cybotron)

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