12 September, 2016

Playlist - 10 September 2016

Fraternity    Seasons of change (1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
Southern Empire    The bridge that binds (2016) (Southern Empire)
A Lonely Crowd    Seeing stars (2011) (Transients)
Montresor    Medusa (2011) (Daybreak)
Andy Salvanos    Under the piano (2011) (Dream Recall)
The Lammas Tide    In tangerine (2014) (Barefoot Electric)
The Lammas Tide    The Devil’s stone (2011) (High Tide)
United Progressive Fraternity    Travelling man: The story of ESHU (2014) (Fall In Love With The World)
Sebastian Hardie    Another string (2012) (Blueprint)
Sebastian Hardie    Peaceful (1976) (The Windchase)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Spectrum    Untitled (1971) (Milesago)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)

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