06 August, 2016

Playlist - 6 August 2016

Tonight, a rather trippy selection of progressive rock from around the world and from here in Australia, featuring some burbling '70's-era electronic music from Australian artists Cybotron and Lobby Loyde, as well as another selection from the musical legacy of the late Roye Albrighton (Nektar). And if you've spent today at the Science Alive 2016!  event at the Wayville Showgrounds (one of several events during National Science Week) then you may also enjoy the brief (if metaphorical) selection from Rush circa 1982 just after 9pm.

Hawkwind    Synchronised blue + Hexagone + Tube (2016) (The Machine Stops)
Hawkwind    D-Rider + Web weaver (1974) (Hall of the Mountain Grill)
Cybotron    Suite 16/9th floor (1980) (Implosion)
Steve Hillage    Glorious Om riff (1978) (Green)
Lobby Loyde    Hymenoptera’s revenge (1976/2007) (Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths Of Klimster)
Rush    Chemistry (1982) (Signals)
Nektar    If only I could (2013) (Time Machine)
The Nice    America + Second Amendment + Rondo (Live, Newcastle 1968] (Here Come The Nice)
Ben Craven    Revenge of Dr Komodo + Last chance to hear Part 2 (2016) (Last Chance To Hear)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

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