27 August, 2016

Playlist - 27 August 2016

Tonight, another selection of progressive rock from around the world and from here in Australia, starting with some classic Australian electronic music from Cybotron (Melbourne). There's also some selections from the musical legacy of Gilli Smyth (Gong, Mother Gong). And this weekend the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book features Alex Lifeson (Rush), Phil Shulman (Gentle Giant) and Nik Turner (Hawkwind).

Cybotron    Sonic Override: Gliding / The riddle / Answer (1976) (Cybotron)
Spectrum    Drifting (1971) (Part One)
Samael Lilith    Nights in white satin (1970) (single only / So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star?)
Mother Gong    I am a tree (1989) (The Owl And The Tree)
Gong    Oily way + Outer temple + Inner temple (1974) (Angel’s Egg)
Mystery    Delusion rain (2015) (Delusion Rain)
Mystery    Beneath the veil of Winter’s face (2007) (Beneath The Veil Of Winter’s Face)
Kevin Peek    Still waters (2010) (Still Waters: Music For TV and Film)
Rush    Clockwork angels (2012) (Clockwork Angels)
Rush    Closer to the heart (live) (1998) (Different Stages - Live)
Gentle Giant    Wreck (1971) (Acquiring The Taste)
Hawkwind    Kadu flyer (1974) (Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music)
Ben Craven    Last chance to hear Part 1 + Critical mass part 1 + Critical mass part 2 (2016) (Last Chance To Hear)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

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