02 July, 2016

Playlist - 2 July 2016

Tonight, another selection of progressive rock from around the world and from here in Australia, including classic music from Kahvas Jute (Sydney) and Levi Smiths Clefs (Adelaide/Melbourne) and more recent releases from Like Leaves (Adelaide) Sympathy Orchestra (Adelaide)  and Ben Craven (Brisbane). And it's happy birthday this weekend to Colin Edwin (born in Melbourne, now the long-time bass player for UK band Porcupine Tree).

Karmakanic    Turn it up (2011) (In A Perfect World)
The Flower Kings    The wonder wheel (1995) (Return To The World Of Adventures)
Opeth    Marrow of the earth (2011) (Heritage)
Porcupine Tree    Way out of here (2007)  (Fear Of A Blank Planet)
Porcupine Tree    Hatesong (2000) (Lightbulb Sun)
Iona    An atmosphere of miracles Pt.3 (2011) (Another Realm)
Like Leaves    Swordfight (2011) (Like Leaves)
Kahvas Jute    Politician (live) (2005)  (Wide Open, bonus track on re-issue)
Pink Floyd    Shine on you crazy diamond Pt.1 to 7 (1975) (Wish You Were Here)
Vanishing Point    Walls of silence + Beyond redemption (Intro) + King of empty promises (2014) (Distant Is The Sun)
Panic Room    Nocturnal (2012) (Skin)
Manning   DAVID LOGAN (1967 - 2022): The southern waves (2011) (Margaret’s Children)
Sympathy Orchestra    Upstart (2014) (Sword Machine)
Jethro Tull    Thick as a brick (radio edit) (1972) (Thick As A Brick)
Levi Smith's Clefs    Relief from a lighted doorway (1970) (Empty Monkey)
Jeff St John & Copperwine    Cloud nine (1970) (Joint Effort)
Sherbet    Crimson ships (1970) (single only / So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star Vol..2)
Rush    Red Sector A + Closer to the heart (live) (1989) (A Show Of Hands)
Rush    The big money (1985) (Power Windows)
Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier    Third time down (2013) (Stories Of Ghosts)
Ben Craven    Revenge of Dr Komodo + Last chance to hear Part 2 (2016) (Last Chance To Hear)

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