20 May, 2016

Playlist - 21 May 2016

Tonight a program of epic-sized prog rock tracks, the megafauna of the popular music world, including music from legendary Australian band Sebastian Hardie and more recent tracks from Teramaze, Unitopia and new Adelaide band Southern Empire (due to launch their first CD tomorrow). And from the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book, a tribute to the late Vincent Crane (Atomic Rooster).

Harmonium   Histoire sans paroles (1975) (Les Cinq Saisons)
Sebastian Hardie    Windchase (1976) (The Windchase)
Atomic Rooster    Death walks behind you (1971) (Death Walks Behind You)
Atomic Rooster    Devil’s answer (1971) (single only)
Rush    Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres (1978) (Hemispheres)
Teramaze    Delusions of grandeur (2015) (Her Halo)
Dream Theater    As I am (2003) (Train Of Thought)
Southern Empire    How long (2016) (Southern Empire)
Steeleye Span    Montrose (1978) (Live At Last)
Unitopia    The garden (2008) (The Garden)
Porcupine Tree    Deadwing (2005) (Deadwing)

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