09 April, 2016

Playlist - 9 April 2016

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, including recent music from United Progressive Fraternity and Sebastian Hardie. And the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book has birthdays this weekend for Mark Kelly (Marillion), Roger Chapman (the vibrato-laden lead singer with the English band Family during the early 1970's), Steve Howe (Yes) and musical satirist/professional mathematician Tom Lehrer.

Procol Harum    She wandered through the garden fence (1967) (Procol Harum)
The Flower Kings    Interstellar visitations (2013) (Desolation Rose)
Moon Safari    Red white blues (2013) (Himlabecken Vol.1)
Marillion    The web (1983) (Script For A Jester’s Tear)
Marillion    Garden party + Market square heroes (live, 1984) (Real To Reel)
The Mighty Handful    Albion (2016, pending) (Still Sitting in Danny’s Car 3)
Mushroom Giant    Aesong (2012) (The Drake Equation EP)
Emerson Lake and Palmer    Tarkus (1971) (Tarkus)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 + Brother sun + Down to the sea + Sea of joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Family    The weavers answer (1969) (Family Entertainment)
Family    In my own time (1971) (single only)
Tom Lehrer    The Elements (1959) (An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer, from box set: "The Remains Of Tom Lehrer")
Steve Howe    Small acts of human kindness (2002) (Skylines)
Asia    Sole survivor (live, 1990) (Live In Moscow)
Yes    I’ve seen all good people (1971) (The Yes Album)
United Progressive Fraternity    Travelling man (The story of ESHU)  (2014) (Fall In Love With The World)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)

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