02 April, 2016

Playlist - 2 April 2016

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, including new music from Mebourne heavy band Teramaze. And the Seasons Of Change Birthday Book has birthdays this weekend for Richard Thompson (formerly of Fairport Convention) and the late Bill Putt (bass player with Mike Rudd in most of his bands, including Spectrum and Ariel).

Jethro Tull    Thick as a brick (live, 1978) (1997) (Thick As A Brick, bonus track)
The Lammas Tide    The Devil’s stone (2011) (High Tide)
The Lammas Tide    When all is said and done (2014) (Barefoot Electric)
Fairport Convention    A sailor’s life (1969) (Unhalfbricking)
Gentle Giant    Wreck (1971) (Acquiring The Taste)
Gentle Giant    Funny ways (live) (1975) (The King Biscuit Flower hour Presents…)
The Nice    Five Bridges Suite (1970) (Five Bridges)
Spectrum    Fiddling fool (1971) (Part One)
Indelible Murtceps    Esmerelda (1972) (Warts Up Your Nose)
Mike Rudd    Lottery (2015) (demo, lyrics by Bill Putt)
Dream Theater    A new beginning + The road to revolution (2016) (The Astonishing)
Teramaze    Delusions of grandeur + For the innocent (2015) (Her Halo)
Renaissance    Ashes are burning (live, 1975) (Live At The Carnegie Hall)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)
Andy Salvanos     DeeDee ( 2007) (Fragments)

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