26 March, 2016

Playlist - 26 March 2016

For Easter Saturday, a diverse selection of music starting with the classic sounds of King Crimson from their second album as well as some suitably epic music from Emerson Lake and Palmer and Symphony X. And it's birthday greetings this weekend to Tony Banks (Genesis) and to the legendary Australian musician, the late Billy Thorpe.

King Crimson     In the wake of Poseidon (1970) (In The Wake Of Poseidon)
Anekdoten    The old man and the sea (1993) (Vemod)
Genesis    Firth of Fifth (1973) (Selling England By The Pound)
Tony Banks    From the undertow (1979) (A Curious Feeling)
Genesis    Home by the sea (live, 2007) (Live Over Europe 2007)
Unitopia    Easter (2013) (Covered Mirror Vol.1)
Emerson Lake and Palmer    Abbadon's Bolero + The endless enigma Part 1 + Fugue + The endless enigma Part 2 (1972) (Trilogy)
A Lonely Crowd    Sound tripper + The wanderer (2014) (Transients)
Ben Craven    Nobody dies forever (single edit) (2011) (Great & Terrible Potions)
Billy Thorpe    Children of the sun + We’re leaving + We welcome you + Solar anthem + The beginning (1979) (Children Of The Sun)
Symphony X    Prelude + Evolution + Fallen + Transcendence (segue) + Death of balance / Lacrymosa (2000) (V: The New Mythology Suite)
Requiem: Dies irae, composer Giusseppe Verdi,  performed by Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and O. dir. Antony Walker
Mostly Autumn    Evergreen (2009) (Live 2009)
Mostly Autumn    Tennyson mansion (2012) (The Ghost Moon Orchestra)
Kevin Peek    Highway reflections (2010) (Still Waters: Music For TV and Film)
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs    Most people I know (1972) (single only, The Complete Havoc Singles)
Billy Thorpe    It's almost summer (1975)  (single / Million Dollar Bill)

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