12 September, 2015

Playlist - 12 September 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent music from A Lonely Crowd (Melbourne), Lacrymae (Perth) and Unitopia plus classic sounds from Lobby Loyde with The Wild Cherries. And it's happy birthday this weekend to Neil Peart (Rush).

Moody Blues    The dream  + Have you heard Pt.1 + The voyage  + Have you heard Pt.2 (1969) (On The Threshold Of A Dream)
Procol Harum    All this and more (1969) (A Salty Dog)
King Crimson     Epitaph (1969) (In The Court Of The Crimson King)
Quella Vecchia Locanda    Realta + Verso la Locanda (1972) (Quella Vecchia Locanda)
Ozric Tentacles    Changa Masala (2015) (Technicians Of The Sacred)
Sky    Sarabande (1981) (Sky 3)
Lacrymae    Handel’s Apocalypse (2009) (The Hallowed Design)
Rush    La villa strangiato (1978) (Hemispheres)
Rush    Subdivisions (1982) (Signals)
Rush    Beneath, between and behind (1975) (Fly By Night)
Rush    Cygnus X-1 (live) (1978/1998) (Different Stages - Live)
IO Earth    Insomnia (2015) (New World)
Cryptex    Orange blossom city girl (2015) (Madeleine Effect)
Kevin Ayers    Blue (1976) (Yes We Have No Mananas)
A Lonely Crowd    Intro + Godamnesia + Inspector + Blur (2014) (Transients)
Unitopia    The garden (2011) (One Night In Europe)
The Wild Cherries    I’m the sea (stop killing me) (1971) (Single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Sebastian Hardie    Vuja de (2011) (Blueprint)

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