21 June, 2015

Playlist - 20 June 2015

This week, ahead of the Winter solstice tomorrow, a rugged-up serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent Australian music from Sebastian Hardie and classic tracks from Indelible Murtceps, The Masters Apprentices and McPhee. And it's happy birthday to the late Peter Bardens (Camel) and Paul McCartney.

Steven Wilson    The raven that refused to sing (2013) (The Raven That Refused To Sing)
Porcupine Tree    Anesthetise (2007) (Fear of a Blank Planet)
Riverside    Escalator shrine + The depths of self-delusion (2013) (Shrine Of New Generation Slaves)
Sebastian Hardie    I wish (2012) (Blueprint)
Camel    Spirit of the water (demo) (1976) (Moonmadness, bonus track)
Camel    Mystic queen (1973) (Camel)
Camel    Highways to the sun (1977) (Rain Dances)
Camel    Ligging at Louis’ (live, 1974) (1978) (A Live Record)
McPhee    Indian rope man + Out to lunch (1972) (McPhee)
Indelible Murtceps    Esmerelda (1972) (Warts Up Your Nose)
The Masters Apprentices    Melodies of St. Kilda/Southern Cross + Thyme to rhyme (1972) (A Toast To Panama Red)
The Beatles    She’s leaving home (1967) (Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)
The Beatles    Side 2 of Abbey Road (1969)  (Abbey Road)
Dave Gilmour    Shine on you crazy diamond (live, 2006) (Live In Gdansk)
Company Caine    The last scene (1971) (A Product of a Broken Reality)

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