24 May, 2015

Playlist - 23 May 2015

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, featuring A Lonely Crowd (Melbourne), Sympathy Orchestra (Adelaide) and Unitopia (Adelaide) plus Karnivool and Voyager (who separately traversed the Nullarbor from Perth to Adelaide for gigs this week). And some birthday greetings carried over from last week for Andrew Latimer (Camel).

The Nice War and peace (1968) (The Thoughts Of Emerlist DavJack)
Porcupine Tree Time flies (2009) (The Incident)
Porcupine Tree Russia on ice (2000) (Lightbulb Sun)
Pendragon Indigo (2009) (Pure)
Rocket Scientists (feat. Lana Lane) Stardust (1995) (Empire Music: The Art Rock Collection)
Lana Lane The sheltering sorrow + Red planet boulevard (2007) (Red Planet Boulevard)
Camel Rhayader (single edit) (1975) (The Snow Goose)
Camel Lies (1981) (Nude)
Camel Generations + Eyes of Ireland (1996) (Harbour Of Tears)
Camel Sahara (1999) (Rajaz)
Unitopia One day + The garden (2008) (The Garden)
Sympathy Orchestra Upstart (2014) (Sword Machine)
A Lonely Crowd Intro + Godamnesia + Inspector + Blur (2014) (Transients)
Gazpacho Defence mechanism + Snail (live, 2011) (London)
Gazpacho Tick tock Part III (2009) (Tick Tock)
Voyager The pensive disarray (2011)  (The Meaning Of I)
Karnivool Change (2009)  (Sound Awake)

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