13 December, 2014

Playlist - 13 December 2014

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, spending some time with some of the more interesting music releases from the last 12 months. This includes some excellent Australian music from Quiet Child (Adelaide), Anubis (Sydney), The Lammas Tide (Perth), Ben Craven & The Section (Brisbane), Hibernal (Brisbane)  and Sympathy Orchestra (Adelaide), plus a reminder of the remarkable gig in June at the Gov by The Crimson Projekct.

IQ     The road of bones (2014) (The Road Of Bones)
Transatlantic    Into the blue (2014) (Kaleidoscope)
Nick Magnus    Time (2014) (N’Monix)
Iamthemorning    Os lunatam (2014) (Belighted)
A Secret River    No way to say goodbye (2014) (Colours Of Solitude)
Anubis    Room with a view (2014) (Hitchhiking To Byzantium)
Ben Craven & The Section    Golden band (2014) (Dissected)
Hibernal    Fragments of the past (instrumental) (2014) (Replacements)
The Lammas Tide    Dragonfly (2014) (Barefoot Electric)
The Lammas Tide    When all is said and done (2014) (Barefoot Electric)
Quiet Child    Bonewreath (2014) (Chapter & Verse)
Pink Floyd    Louder than words (2014) (The Endless River)
Synaesthesia    Epiphany (2014) (Synaethesia)
The Crimson Projekct    Sleepless (2014) (Live In Tokyo)
Opeth    Cusp of eternity (2014) (Pale Communion)
Robert Reed    Sanctuary (2014) (Sanctuary)
Perfect Beings    Fictions (2014) (Perfect Beings)
Sympathy Orchestra    Danger (2014) (Sword Machine)

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