05 September, 2014

Playlist - 6 September 2014

This week, on the first edition of Seasons Of Change for Spring, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent music from Karnivool and sleepmakeswaves, plus classic '70's Aussie prog rock from Fraternity and Spectrum. And it's happy birthday this weekend to Swedish guitarist Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Kaipa), prog rock sax player for hire Mel Collins (King Crimson, Camel, and a full appointment book of mainstream bands and artists), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Marc Hunter (Dragon), Daryl Cotton (Zoot) and lastbutnotleast that rhapsodic bohemian Freddie Mercury.

Fraternity    Seasons of Change (1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
Spectrum    Fiddling fool (1971) (Part One)
Dragon    Patina (1974) (Universal Radio)
Dragon    Darkness (1975) (Scented Gardens For The Blind / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
District 97    Read your mind (2012) (Trouble With Machines)
Moon Safari    Mega moon (2013) (Himlabecken Vol.1)
The Flower Kings    Desolation road (2013) (Desolation Rose)
The Flower Kings    Big puzzle (1999) (Back In The World of Adventures)
King Crimson    Cadence and cascade (1970) (In The Wake Of Poseidon)
Camel    Unevensong (live, 1977) (1978) (A Live Record)
Gerry Rafferty    Hang on (1992) (On A Wing And A Prayer)
Protest the Hero    Clarity (2013) (Volition)
Karnivool    Aeons (2013) (Asymmetry)
Andy Salvanos    Afternoon bass (2007) (Closer)
Queen    Somebody to love (1976) (A Day At The Races)
Queen    Killer queen (1974) (Sheer Heart Attack)
Queen    It’s a hard life (1984) (The Works)
Kate Bush    Cloudbursting (1985) (Hounds of Love)
Roger Waters    In the flesh + The happiest days of our lives + Another brick in the wall (live, USA) (2006) (In The Flesh)
Roger Waters    What god wants, Part 1 (1992) (Amused To Death)
Zoot    Flying (1970) (Just Zoot / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    Eleanor Rigby (1970) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Sleepmakeswaves    (hello) cloud mountain (2011)  (.​.​.​and so we destroyed everything)

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