28 June, 2014

Playlist - 28 June 2014

This week, another serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, featuring recent music from Perth band The Lammas Tide and Brisbane band Caligula's Horse, as well as Over Unity and Lacrymae. Some live Crimson Projekct too (in advance of their Adelaide concert this Monday). And it's happy birthday to drummer Ian Paice (Deep Purple).

The Crimson Projekct   Larks tongues in aspic Part II + Indiscipline (2014) (Live In Tokyo)
The Lammas Tide    Partridge farm + The murky deep (2012) (Partridge Farm EP)
The Lammas Tide    Soldier of the sun (2014) (single only)
Deep Purple    Black night (1970) (single only)
Deep Purple    Lazy (live, 1972) (Made In Japan)
Deep Purple    Bad attitude (1984) (Perfect Strangers)
Genesis    Watcher of the skies + Time table (1972) (Foxtrot)
Genesis    Follow you follow me  (1978) (…And Then There Were Three)
Caligula’s Horse    A gift to afterthought + Water’s edge (2013) (The Tide, The Thief & River's End)
Animals As Leaders    Air chrysalis (2014) (The Joy Of Motion)
King Crimson    Dinosaur (1995) (Thrak)
Lacrymae    Handel’s Apocalypse (2009) (The Hallowed Design)
Over Unity    Near (2011) (Collide the Space)
Camel    Lunar sea (1976) (Moonmadness)
The Crimson Projekct   Red + Thela hun ginjeet (2014) (Live In Tokyo)
Subaudible Hum    Science maketh the scientist (2006) (In Time For Spring, On Came The Snow)
Andy Salvanos    Dream recall (2011) (Dream Recall)

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