25 April, 2014

Playlist - 26 April 2014

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, starting with an hour of music from Australia and New Zealand, including the enigmatic NZ band Airlord. And it's happy birthday to Derek Dick, better known as "Fish" (lead singer of the '80's UK prog rock revivalists Marillion).

Spectrum    What the world needs is a new pair of socks (1971) (Milesago)
Tommy Emmanuel    Up from down under (1987) (Up From Down Under)
Split Enz    Stranger than fiction (1975) (Second Thoughts)
Airlord    Pictures in a puddle + Out of the woods (1977) (Clockwork Revenge)
Sebastian Hardie    I wish (2012) (Blueprint)
Windchase    Forward we ride / Horsemen to infinity (1978) (Symphinity)
Yes    The gates of delirium (1974) (Relayer)
Karnataka    The serpent and the sea (edit) (2010) (The Gathering Light)
Marillion    Script for a jester’s tear (1983) (Script For A Jester’s Tear)
Marillion    For the record (1987) (Clutching At Straws)
Marillion    Market square heroes (live, 1984) (Real To Reel)
Motorpsycho    Cloudwalker (a darker blue) (2014) (Behind The Sun)
Edison’s Children    The seventh sign (2014) (The Final Breath Before November)
Rush    Xanadu (live, 1978) (Different Stages - Live)
Rush    Presto (1989) (Presto)
La De Das    See my baby tonight (1971) (single only / Boogie! Australian Blues R&B And Heavy Rock From The ‘70’s)
Daddy Cool    Daddy rocks off (1972) (Sex, Dope, Rock'nRoll: Teenage Heaven)
Indelible Murtceps    Esmerelda (1972) (Warts Up Your Nose)
Sympathy Orchestra    Mystic peanut (2014) (Sword Machine)

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