21 March, 2014

Playlist - 22 March 2014

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and around the world, including a selection from the recently released album by Caligula's Horse (Brisbane) and other recent music from Anubis and Ben Craven. And it's happy birthday to guitarist Tony McPhee (The Groundhogs), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) and Harry Vanda (The Easybeats, Flash And the Pan, and more songwriting/production credits than a stick can reasonably be shaken at).

Procol Harum    Conquistador (1968) (Procol Harum)
Freedom To Glide    When the whistle blows (2013) (Rain)
Anubis    All that is… (2011) (A Tower Of Silence)
Kate Bush    Wuthering Heights (1978) (The Kick Inside)
Dave Gilmour    On an island (2006) (On an Island)
The Groundhogs    Cherry red (1971) (Split)
Roger Hodgson    Only because of you / Lord is it mine? (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Caligula’s Horse   Into the white + Old cracks in new earth (2013) (The Tide, The Thief & River's End)
Ben Craven    Great & terrible potions + Nobody dies forever (single edit) (2011) (Great & Terrible Potions)
Rocket Scientists    Stardust (1995) (Empire Music: The Art Rock Collection)
Lana Lane    The sheltering sorrow (2007) (Red Planet Boulevard)
Ozric Tentacles    Jurassic shift (1993) (Jurassic Shift)
Synaesthesia    Epiphany (2014) (Synaethesia)
Solstice    Black water (2013) (Prophecy)
Roger Hodgson    Take the long way home + Breakfast in America (live, 2010) (Classics Live)
Roger Hodgson    Give me love, give me life (1984) (Eye Of The Storm)
The Valentines    Peculiar hole in the sky (1968) (single only / Peculiar Hole In The Sky)
Flash And The Pan    Down among the dead men (single, 1978 / Flash And The Pan, 1979 / Hits Collection)
Flash And The Pan    Welcome to the universe (1980) (Lights In The Night / Hits Collection)

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