15 February, 2014

Playlist - 15 February 2014

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, including a selection from the most recent CD by Adelaide's Gavin O’Loghlen (Cotter’s Bequest) and music from the live CD from Adelaide's Unitopia, who have just announced their "retirement" as an ongoing group. And an embarrassment of epic prog rock works ranging from relatively recent (Frost, Wobbler) to classic (Focus).

Liquid Tension Experiment    Acid rain (1999) (Liquid Tension Experiment 2)
Wobbler    Hinterland (2005) (Hinterland)
Steeleye Span & Terry Pratchett    The Dark Morris Song (2013) (Wintersmith)
Moon Safari    Mega moon (2013) (Himlabecken Vol.1)
Schnauser     Walking stick and cat (2013) (Where Business Meets Fashion)
Focus    Eruption (1971) (Moving Waves)
Gavin O'Loghlen    Autumn ’86 – The Descent + Railway nomads + Lovers (2007) (The Poet And The Priest)
Ozric Tentacles    Space out (2000) (Swirly Termination)
Frost    Dear dead days + Falling down (2007) (Frost)
Unitopia    The garden + Artificial world (Live, 2011) (One Night In Europe)
Andy Salvanos    Dream Recall (2011)  (Dream Recall)

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