12 December, 2013

Playlist - 14 December 2013

This week, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas, spending some time with some of the more interesting music releases from the last 12 months. This includes some excellent music from Adelaide bands Quiet Child, Projected Twin and Unitopia, and the enigmatic concept album/drama from Brisbane's Hibernal. Plus selections from the rich musical legacy of Bill Putt (Spectrum), Chris Bailey (Headband, The Angels, Gangajang), Kevin Ayers, Peter Banks (Yes) and Chrissie Amphlett. For once, 3 hours doesn't seem long enough to fit it all in!

Moon Safari    Mega moon (2013) (Himlabecken Vol.1)
Vienna Circle    Ballad of night (2013) (Silhouette Moon )
Spocks Beard    Afterthoughts (2013) (Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep)
The Flower Kings    Desolation road (2013) (Desolation Rose)
Unitopia    Even in the quietest moments (2013) (Covered Mirror Vol.1 Smooth As Silk)
The Break    Majestic kelp (2013) (Space Farm)
Haken    The cockroach king (2013) (The Mountain)
Hibernal    An open door + Home + Losing touch + No turning back (2013) (The Machine)
Quiet Child    The coming storm (2013) (The Coming Storm)
Karnivool    Nachash (2013) (Asymmetry)
Quiet Child    Conditions (2013) (The Coming Storm)
Dream Theater    The enemy inside (2013) (Dream Theater)
Steven Wilson    Watchmaker (2012) (The Raven That Refused To Sing)
Sound Of Contact    Pale blue dot (2013) (Dimensionaut)
Spectrum    I’ll be gone (1971) (single, stereo / bonus track on reissue of Part One)
GangGajang    Sounds of then (1995) (GangGajang)
Kevin Ayers    Blue (1976) (Yes We Have No Mananas)
Yes    No opportunity necessary, no experience needed (original mix, 1970) (Time And A Word)
Divinyls    I touch myself (1990) (Divinyls)
Roger Hodgson    Give a little bit (live, 2010) (Classics Live)

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