07 December, 2013

Playlist - 7 December 2013

This week, for the first program for Summer, another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. Hours 1 and 3 are devoted to music from 1983 - 30 years ago, when PBA-FM started broadcasting. As 1983 was a transition year for the world of progressive rock, with many established bands either disbanded or sitting the year out, it's an eclectic selection but still features good music from established bands (Yes, Genesis) and new talent (Marillion). There's also a selection of songs written by Vanda and Young (whose compositions could fill several programs), and some epic progressive metal from Perth band Lacrymae.

Fraternity    Seasons of Change (1971) (Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969 - 1974)
Genesis    Home by the sea (live) (1983 / 1992) (Hold On My Heart EP)
Phil Collins    You can’t hurry love (1983) (Hello I Must Be Going)
Marillion    Script for a jester’s tear (1983) (Script For A Jester’s Tear)
Marillion    Market square heroes (1983) (single only / B’Sides Themselves)
Yes    Owner of a lonely heart + It can happen (1983) (90125)
Jon & Vangelis    He is sailing (1983) (Private Collection)
Mike Oldfield    Moonlight shadow (1983) (Crises)
Moody Blues    Blue world (1983) (The Present)
W.H.Y.     Woman of steel (1983) (single only)
Split Enz    Two of a kind (1983) (single only / All Fired Up: The Lost Treasures Of Australian Music)
Lacrymae    The hallowed design + The forgotten (2009) (The Hallowed Design)
Flash and the Pan    Down among the dead men (1978) (Flash And The Pan)
The Easybeats    Friday on my mind (1966) (single only)
Muse    Panic station (2012) (The Second Law)
Pink Floyd    The Fletcher Memorial home (1983) (The Final Cut)
Al Di Meola    Island Dreamer + Sequencer (1983)  (Scenario)
Sky    KPII + Antigua + Meheeco (live, 1983) (Sky 5 Live)
Flash and the Pan    Welcome to the universe (1980) (Lights In The Night)
Flash and the Pan    Hey St Peter (1976 / 1978) (single / Flash And The Pan)

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