31 August, 2013

Playlist - 31 August 2013

This week, Seasons Of Change says goodbye to Winter with another diverse serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. New music from Adelaide band Quiet Child, classic songs from Sebastian Hardie (with their 1976 epic Windchase) and from Lobby Loyde. After 9pm, the sounds of Europe circa 1974 with music from The Netherlands (Focus) and Italy (PFM).

Genesis    Watcher of the skies (1972) (Foxtrot)
Tony Banks    From the undertow (1979) (A Curious Feeling)
Steve Hackett    Tigermoth (1979) (Spectral Mornings)
Anthony Phillips    Collections / Sleepfall: The geese fly west (1977) (The Geese And The Ghost)
Quiet Child    Dawn brings warmth + I’ve found some poison (2013) (The Coming Storm)
Lana Lane    Escher’s Staircase (1996) (Curious Goods)
Lobby Loyde & The Colored Balls    Metal feathers (1972)  (The Best Of Ball Power And More)
Focus    Hamburger concerto (1974) (Hamburger Concerto)
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)    Four holes in the ground (1974) (The World Became The World)
Sebastian Hardie    Windchase (1976) (Windchase / Four Moments Of The Windchase)
Dream Theater    As I am (2003) (Train Of Thought)
Liquid Tension Experiment    Kindred Spirits (1998) (Liquid Tension Experiment)
Rush    Half the world (1996) (Test For Echo)
Caligula’s Horse    Silence (2011) (Moments from Ephemeral City)
Curved Air    Propositions (live, 1975) (Curved Air Live)
Curved Air    Vivaldi (1971) (Air Conditioning)
Marillion    Seasons end (1989) (Seasons End)
Tommy Emmanuel    The Big Swell (1993) (The Journey)

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