17 August, 2013

Playlist - 17 August 2013

This week, another healthy serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. Some great recent music by Adelaide's Gavin O'Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest from their 2006 "progressive rock/folk" concept album about emigration to South Australia in the 19th Century, as well as classic songs from Tully, Spectrum and Lobby Loyde. Recent archaeological digging has unearthed possibly the world's first "rock opera" from 1968: "S.F. Sorrow" by The Pretty Things.  And it's happy birthday to the late Kevin Ayers, Colin Moulding (the "other" songwriter in XTC) and Barry Hay (the singer with legendary Dutch group Golden Earring who - incredibly - have been rocking out around Europe and elsewhere since 1961).

Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 + Brother sun + Sea of joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy - reissue)
Spectrum    But that’s alright (1971) (Milesago)
The Pretty Things    SF Sorrow is born + The journey + I see you + Well of destiny (1968) (SF Sorrow)
Soft Machine    Love makes sweet music (1967)  (single only, bonus track on re-issue of  The Soft Machine)
Kevin Ayers    The owl (1977) (single only)
Kevin Ayers    Blue (1976) (Yes We Have No Mananas)
Golden Earring    Big tree blue sea (1974) (Moontan)
Gavin O'Loghlen & Cotter’s Bequest    Port Adelaide 1854 The Arrival + The Peramangh – Time there was… + Kapunda 1856 The Cornish miners (2006) (Land Of The Vast Horizon)
Loreena McKennitt    The Bonny Swans (1994)  (The Mask and the Mirror)
Lobby Loyde & Southern Electric    Obsecration Parts A to D: A) Play My Guitar, B) Obligato, C) Continuation D) Legato (1976)  (Obsecration)
Andy Salvanos    Free range eggs (2007) (Closer)
XTC    My bird performs (1992)  (Nonesuch)
Dukes Of Stratosfear    The Affiliated (1987) (Psionic Psumspot / The Dukes Of Stratosfear: An Anthology)
XTC    Standing in for Joe (2000) (Wasp Star)
Ozric Tentacles    Waldorfdub (2000) (Swirly Termination)
Porcupine Tree    Waiting Phase One + Waiting Phase Two + The sky moves sideways (live, 1997) (Coma Divine – Recorded Live In Rome)
Porcupine Tree    Stranger by the minute (1999) (Stupid Dream)
Tommy Emmanuel    The Big Swell (1993) (The Journey)

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