27 July, 2013

Playlist - 27 July 2013

This week, another healthy serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. Some great recent Australian music from Unitopia, Ben Craven and The Dark Ales as well as another classic song from Spectrum. And it's happy birthday to Roger Taylor (Queen), the late Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) and Steve Morse (talented guitarist with The Dregs and many other bands including, currently, Deep Purple).

Ben Craven    No specific harm (2011) (Great and Terrible Potions)
Pink Floyd    Summer ‘68 (1970) (Atom Heart Mother)
Pink Floyd    Us and them (1973) (Dark Side Of The Moon)
Ozric Tentacles    A gift of wings (1990)  (Erpland)
Lana Lane    Sheltering sorrow (2007) (Red Planet Boulevard)
Queen    A kind of magic (1986) (A Kind Of Magic)
Atomic Rooster    Tomorrow night (1970) (Death Walks Behind You)
Spectrum    What the world needs is a new pair of socks (1971) (Milesago)
Renaissance    Northern Lights (1978) (A Song For All Seasons)
Unitopia    Reflections + The power of three + Rule of 3’s (2010) (Artificial)
The Dark Ales    Holding Patterns (2012)  (Edges Of The Day)
Deborah Conway    Today I am a daisy (1993) (Bitch Epic)
Karnivool    Themata (2004)  (Themata)
Karnivool    All I know (2009)  (Sound Awake)
Deep Purple    Vavoom: Ted the mechanic (1996) (Purpendicular)
Steve Morse    Modoc (1989)  (High Tension Wires)
The Dregs    Cruise control (1980) (Dregs Of The Earth)
Dave Gilmour (feat. Richard Wright)    Echoes (live, 2006) (Live In Gdansk)
Zoot    Flying (1970) (Just Zoot / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    I’m only sleeping (1970) (The GTK Tapes Vol.1)
Zoot    Eleanor Rigby (1970) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Tommy Emmanuel   The Big Swell (1993) (The Journey)

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