07 June, 2013

Playlist - 8 June 2013

This week, another healthy serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. Some great new and classic Australian music including Unitopia, Caligula's Horse, Spectrum and Healing Force. It's happy birthday to singer Annie Haslam (Renaissance), keyboard wizard Francis Monkman (Curved Air, Sky) and it's a "magician's birthday" to Mick Box the guitarist from Uriah Heep. And the United Nations have declared the 8th day of June to be World Oceans Day...

Rush    The camera eye (1981) (Moving Pictures)
Caligula’s Horse    Silence (2011) (Moments from Ephemeral City)
Spectrum    Fiddling fool (1971) (Part One)
Renaissance    In my life (2001) (Tuscany)
Renaissance    Northern lights (live, Japan, 2001) (In The Land Of The Rising Sun)
Nektar    A tab in the ocean (1972) (A Tab In The Ocean)
Unitopia    Justify (2005) (More than a Dream)
Kalacoma    Ear to ear (2013)  (Spiral Eyes)
Uriah Heep    Traveller in time (1972) (Demons and Wizards)
Grand General    The fall of Troy (2013)  (Grand General)
Francis Monkman    The Long Good Friday s/track: Main Theme + Overture (1981) (The Long Good Friday s/track)
Curved Air    Propositions (1971) (Air Conditioning)
Sky    Cannonball (1979) (Sky)
Caravan    The love in your eye + Virgin on the ridiculous (live, 1974) (The Show Of Our Lives)
The Wild Cherries    I’m the sea (stop killing me) (1971) (Single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Healing Force    Golden Miles (July 1971) (single only / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Tommy Emmanuel    The Big Swell + Amy (1993) (The Journey)

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