29 June, 2013

Playlist - 29 June 2013

This week, another healthy serving of prog rock and anything else that fits from Australia and overseas. Some great new and classic Australian music including Anubis, Tully and The Break. And it's happy birthday to Ian Paice, the long-serving drummer from Deep Purple.

Deep Purple    Perfect strangers (1984) (Perfect Strangers)
Deep Purple    Son of Aleric (1991) (Knocking At Your Back Door: The Best Of Deep Purple In The 1980’s)
The Break    Majestic kelp (2013) (Space Farm)
The Ghostwriters    The wolves close in (2007) (Political Animal)
Midnight Oil    Stars of Warburton (1990) (Blue Sky Mining)
Midnight Oil    Bullroarer (1987) (Diesel And Dust)
Midnight Oil    Dream world (1987) (Diesel And Dust)
Rush    Presto (1989) (Presto)
Emerson Lake & Palmer    Tank (1970) (Emerson Lake and Palmer)
Emerson Lake & Powell    Touch and go (live in studio, 1986) (The Sprocket Sessions)
Emerson Lake & Palmer    Black moon (1992) (Black Moon)
Tully    Sea of joy Part 1 + Brother sun + Toward the sea + Sea of joy Part 2 (1971) (Sea Of Joy)
Sound Of Contact    Pale blue dot (2013) (Dimensionaut)
Nosound    I miss the ground (2013) (Afterthoughts)
Days Between Stations    Eggshell man (2013) (In Extremis)
Anubis    Tower of silence (2011) Tower Of Silence)
Andy Salvanos    Juggler's song (2007) (Closer)
Deep Purple    Highway star + Child in time + The mule (live, 1972) (Made In Japan)
Tommy Emmanuel    The Big Swell (1993) (The Journey)

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