12 January, 2013

Playlist - 12 January 2013

Procol Harum    A rum tale (1973) (Grand Hotel)
Kaipa    The name belongs to you + Second journey inside the golden glass (2002) (Notes From The Past)
Ben Craven    Ready to lose (2011) (Great & Terrible Potions)
Tunisia    Golden band  + Look away (2005) (Two False Idols)
Steeleye Span    Came ye o’er frae France (1973) (Parcel Of Rogues)
Yes    Then (1969)  (Time And A Word)
Yes    Yours is no disgrace (1971)  (The Yes Album)
Yes    Endless Dream: Silent spring/Talk/Endless Dream (1994)  (Talk)
Indelible Murtceps    Esmerelda (1972) (Warts Up Your Nose / Boogie! Australian blues, R&B, and heavy rock from the '70s)
Indelible Murtceps    We are indelible (1972) (Warts Up Your Nose / Ghosts: Post-Terminal Reflection)
Sebastian Hardie    Rosanna (1976) (Four Moments / Four Moments Of The Windchase)
Lana Lane     The frozen sea (2007) (Red Planet Boulevard)
Barclay James Harvest    Mocking bird (1971) (Once Again)
BJH Through The Eyes Of John Lees    Float (1999) (Nexus)
The Treat    Lepers and deities (2012) (Lepers and Deities)
Spock’s Beard    Day for night   + Mouth of madness+ Gibberish (live, 1999) (Don’t Try This At Home)
Spock’s Beard    Carry on (2003) (Feel Euphoria)
Healing Force    The gully (1971) (single only, B-side to “Golden miles” / Psych Bites: Australian Freakrock 1967-1974 Vol.1)
Andy Salvanos    Waltz for Beatrix (2007) (Closer)
Mario Millo    Rebecca (1979) (single, The Australian Guitar Album / All Fired Up: The Lost Treasures Of Australian Music 1970-1990)

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