22 September, 2012

Playlist - 22 September 2012

Liquid Tension Experiment    Biaxident (1999) (Liquid Tension Experiment 2)
Spectrum    But that’s alright (1971) (Milesago)
Indelible Murtceps    We are indelible (1972)  (Warts Up Your Nose / Ghosts: Post-Terminal Reflection)
Mish    Fire inside (2011) (The Entrance)
The Flower Kings    For the love of gold (2012) (Banks Of Eden)
Ozric Tentacles    Spiral mind (1994) (Erpsongs)
Breathing Space    Don’t turn a blind eye (2007) (Coming Up For Air)
Toehider    Toehider (2008) (Toehider mini LP / Bird's Robe Records Sampler 2012)
Yes    Soon (New Edit) (1974 / 2004) (Relayer / 35th Anniversary Collection)
Wobbler    Imperial winter white (2009) (Afterglow)
Kaipa    Arcs of sound (2010) (In The Wake Of Evolution)
Kahvas Jute    Free + Parade of fools (1970)  (Wide Open)
Healing Force    Golden Miles (1971) (single only, Golden Miles – Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Doug Parkinson In Focus    Do not go gentle (1971 / 1994) (The GTK Tapes Vol.1)
Dream Theater    Forsaken (2007) (Systematic Chaos)
Caligula’s Horse    The city has no empathy (2011) (Moments From Ephemeral City)
Anthony Phillips    Hope of ages (1999) (Soiree)
Yes    Starship trooper + And you and I (Live, 2001) (Magnification (Expanded Edition, 2003))
Yes    Can you imagine (2001) (Magnification)
The Executives    Moving in a circle (1968) (The Executives / Peculiar Hole In The Sky: Pop-Psych From Down Under)
The Valentines    Peculiar hole in the sky (1968) (single only / Peculiar Hole In The Sky:: Pop-Psych From Down Under)
Andy Salvanos    Happy song (2011)  (Dream Recall)

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