12 September, 2012

Playlist - 15 September 2012

Procol Harum    The wreck of the Hesperus (1969) (A Salty Dog)
Sebastian Hardie    I wish (2012) (Blueprint)
Toehider    I must say yes (2009) (Toehider Too / Bird's Robe Records Sampler 2012)
Yes    Perpetual change (1971) (The Yes Album)
Chris Squire    Lucky seven (1975) (Fish Out Of Water)
Steeleye Span    Hard Times of Old England (1975) (All Around My Hat)
Jethro Tull    Bungle in the jungle (1974) (War Child)
Gryphon    Kemp’s jig (1973) (Gryphon)
Dixie Dregs    Night meets light (live, 1999) (California Screamin’)
Focus    Hamburger concerto (1974) (Hamburger Concerto)
Bakery    The gift (1971) (Momento)
Buffalo    Shylock (1972) (Volcanic Rock)
Pineapple Thief    We subside + This will remain unspoken (2003/2011) (Variations On A Dream)
Unitopia    Ride (extended mix) (2007) (321 EP)
Playdiem    Zatorio (1993) (Playdiem)
Steve Morse    Leprechaun promenade (1989) (High Tension Wires)
Dixie Dregs    Wages of weirdness + Peaches en regalia + The bash + Jessica + The great spectacular + Dixie (live, 1999) (California Screamin’)
The Dregs    Cruise control (1981) (Unsung Heroes / The Best Of The Dregs: Divided We Stand)
Like Leaves    Swordfight (2011) (Like Leaves)
Andy Salvanos    Happy song (2011) (Dream Recall)

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