28 July, 2012

Playlist - 28 July 2012

This evening the Seasons Of Change jukebox makes a temporary diversion to London (or thereabouts).

Zoot    You better get going now (1968) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    Flying (1970) (Just Zoot / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    Eleanor Rigby (1970) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Zoot    Mr Songwriter (1970) (Just Zoot / Zoot Locker)
   The Beatles    Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band + With a little help from my friends + Lucy in the sky with diamonds + Getting better (1967) (Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band)   The Kinks    Waterloo sunset (1967)  (Something Else By The Kinks)
   David Bowie    Life on Mars (1971) (Hunky Dory)
   Sweet    Blockbuster (1973) (The Sweet)
   Lindisfarne    Meet me on the corner (1971) (Fog On The Tyne)
   Mike Oldfield    Portsmouth (1976) (single only / Elements: The Best Of)
   Kate Bush    Wuthering Heights (1978) (The Kick Inside)
   The Beatles    The long and winding road (1970/2003) (Let It Be: Naked)
   Paul McCartney & Wings    Band on the run (1973) (Band On The Run)
Meniscus    Fight club (2011)  (War Of Currents / Bird's Robe Records sampler 2012)
Anubis    Archway of Tears (2011) (A Tower Of Silence / Bird's Robe Records sampler 2012)
Pink Floyd    Summer ‘68 (1970) (Atom Heart Mother)
Panic Room    Song for tomorrow (2012) (Skin)
Rush    Marathon (1985) (Power Windows)
Flying Colors    Everything changes (2011) (Flying Colors /Prognosis: 2.3)
Steve Morse    Modoc (1989) (High Tension Wires)
The Dregs    Road expense (1980) (Dregs Of The Earth)
Zoot    The freak (1971) (single only / Zoot Locker)
Camel    Rajaz (1999) (Rajaz)
Camel    Nude (live): City life + Nude + Docks + Beached + Changing places + Reflections + Captured + The birthday cake + Nude’s return (live, 1981) (Nude, bonus tracks on re-issue CD)
Camel    Lies (1981) (Nude)
Zoot    Little Roland lost (1970) (single only / Zoot Locker)
The Atlantics    Wedding cake island (2009) (Bombora, soundtrack)

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