19 July, 2012

Playlist - 21 July 2012

Deep Purple    Woman from Tokyo (1973/1999 remix) (Who Do You Think We Are?)
Jon Lord    One from the meadow + Miles away (2004) (Beyond The Notes)
The Flower Kings    For those about to drown (2012)  (Banks Of Eden)
Meniscus    Fight club (2011)  (War Of Currents / Bird's Robe Records sampler 2012)
Tommy Emmanuel    Keep it simple (2006)  (The Mystery)
Deep Purple    Child in time (live, 1987) (Nobody’s Perfect)
Jon Lord    Fantasia + Sarabande + Gigue + Caprice (1976) (Sarabande)
Spectrum    Fly without it’s wings (1972) (Milesago)
Deborah Conway    One more time (1993)  (Bitch Epic)
Al Di Meola    Elegant Gypsy Suite (1982) (Tour De Force – “Live”)
Deep Purple    Vavoom : Ted the Mechanic + Loosen my strings + Somebody stole my guitar (1996) (Purpendicular)
Deep Purple    Perfect strangers + Black night + Smoke on the water (live, 1987) (Nobody’s Perfect)
Jon Lord    The Telemann Experiment + November calls (2004) (Beyond The Notes)

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