09 June, 2012

Playlist - 9 June 2012

Paul McCartney and Wings    Live and let die (1973) (Live And Let Die, soundtrack)
Elton John    Believe (1995) (Made In England)
Deborah Conway and & Willy Zygier (with Paul Kelly)    It doesn’t work that way (2004) (Summertown)
Tommy Emmanuel    Like family (1993) (The Journey)
The Flower Kings    Genie in a bottle (2002) (Unfold The Future)
Rush    Time stand still (1987) (Hold Your Fire)
Premiata Fornier Marconi (PFM)    Celebration (1973) (Photos Of Ghosts)
Lorenzo Feliciati    Law and Order (2012) (Frequent Flyer/Prognosis: Stormwatch)
Ozric Tentacles    Tidal Otherness (1984) (Erpsongs)
Supertramp    Give a little bit (live,1979) (reissue of Breakfast In America)
Uriah Heep    Traveller in time + Easy livin’ (1972) (Demons and Wizards)
Uriah Heep    Come away, Melinda (1970) (Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble)
Renaissance    In my life (2001) (Tuscany)
Renaissance    Northern Lights (1978) (A Song For All Seasons)
Jade Warrior    Mountain of fruit and flowers + Waterfall (1974)  (Floating World)
King Crimson    In the wake of Poseidon (1969) (In The Wake Of Poseidon)
Unitopia    Ride + More than a dream  (2005) (More Than A Dream)
Haken    Premonition + Nocturnal Conspiracy (2011) (Visions)
Supertramp    The logical song + Goodbye stranger + Breakfast in America + Take the long way home + Even in the quietest moments (live,1979) (reissue of Breakfast In America)
The Atlantics    Wedding cake island (2009) (Bombora, soundtrack)

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