09 May, 2012

Playlist - 12 May 2012

Procol Harum    Homburg (1967) (Single only / bonus track on re-issue of Procol Harum)
Airbag    Homesick I - III (2011) (All Rights Removed)
Yes    Perpetual change (1971)  (The Yes Album)
Jon and Vangelis    Page of life (1991) (Page Of Life)
Renaissance    Closer than yesterday (1978) (A Song For All Seasons)
Friends    Freedom train (1972) (Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974)
Mackenzie Theory    World’s the day (1973) (Out Of The Blue)
Nektar    Journey to the centre of the eye Part One (1971) (Journey To The Centre Of The Eye)
Sky    Scipio (1980) (Sky 2)
Kevin Peek    Wheels (2010) (Still Waters: Music For TV and Film)
Rush    Time stand still (1987) (Hold Your Fire)
Lobby Loyde    Adrift in Ether (1976/2006) (Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster)
The Wild Cherries (w/- Lobby Loyde)    I’m the sea (Stop killing me) (1971) (Single only / The Complete Havoc Singles)
Landmarq    Personal universe (2011) (Entertaining Angels)
Pendragon    This green and pleasant land (2012) (Passion)
Tin Spirits    And go (2012) (Wired To Earth)
Greenslade    Sundance + Joie De Vivre + Spirit of the dance (live, 1975) (Live 1973 - 1975)

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