15 October, 2016

Playlist - 15 October 2016

This Saturday night, another expedition into the musical world of progressive rock from Australia and overseas, featuring recent music from Southern Empire (Adelaide) and the reissued 1992 album by Aragon (Melbourne), as well as tracks from Kettlespider (Melbourne) and Three Wise Monkeys (Sydney) ahead of their gig here in Adelaide later this week.

Rush    Half the world (1996) (Test For Echo)
Rush    Mystic rythyms (1985) (Power Windows)
Rush    Closer to the heart (1977) (A Farewell To Kings)
Rush    Mission (live) (1989) (A Show Of Hands)
Southern Empire    Hold (2016) (Southern Empire)
Aragon    The changeling (1992) (The Meeting)
Greenslade    Temple song (1973) (Greenslade)
Tony Levin    Gecko walk (2000) (Waters Of Eden)
The Crimson Projekt    Elephant talk (live) (2014) (Live In Tokyo)
King Crimson    In the wake of Poseidon (1970) (In The Wake Of Poseidon)
Three Wise Monkeys    Spider fingers (2013) (Perihelion)
Kettlespider    Revelations + New eyes (2012) (Avadante)
Elaine Samuels And Kindred Spirit    The phoenix (2016) (Phoenix Rising)
Kylver    The abyss (2016) (The Island)
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum    Seasons of change (2007) (Reverb Rehab)

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